Homowo Festival

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  • 16 Aug 2023


Over the years, the Ablekuma Central Municipal Assembly has supported the various religious festivities in the municipality. This year is no different as the assembly under the abled leadership of Hon. Mariama Karley Amui leads charge in this social responsibility by the assembly.

The Homowo festival celebrated by the Gas and signifies “hooting at hunger “ is celebrated with corn which is used to prepare the traditional meal known as ” kpokpoi” and palm nut soup.

In view of that, the assembly is supporting this year’s festivity with 35 bags of maize, 39 cartoons of red fish , 31 sacks of palm fruits and 32 gallons of palm oil.

According to the MCE, Hon. Mariama Karley Amui, the assembly cannot provide these supporting items to every household amidst the current economic crises and so as it has been the tradition, the items are distributed to the various Ga traditional councils in the municipality. Notable amongst the recipients are the Lartebiokoshie Manye, Russia Traditional Council, Abossey Okai Teaditional Council, Elders in Council-Mambrouk Palace, Mataheko Traditional Council, Sempe Onufu Gborstui, Mataheko Manye, Nmenmette Traditional Council Manye, Ablekuma Central Manye, Shukurah Manye(Naa Adoley Ablade, Abossey Okai Manye as well as Assembly members.

Hon. Mariama used the occasion to ask for God’s blessings on this year’s festival and asked for divine guidance on the assembly and the municipality at large.

Russia Asafoatse who received the items on behalf Nmenmette Traditional Council upon presentation extended his express gratitude to the MCE and the assembly for this yeo man’s job the assembly has been doing over the years.

According to the Asafoatse, despite the many challenges that have charactised this years festivity, he cautioned the youth and the various ga traditional councils to celebrate this year’s festivity with moderation.